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It is the norm for many cultures that the dead should not be disturbed. However, for a variety of reasons, they are disturbed through the process of exhumation (removal of a corpse from the earth).

Exhumations are generally rare and can be traumatic for the family involved. It is a requirement of a proposed exhumation that close relatives of the deceased are contacted and sign to say they agree to the proposed exhumation.

Exhumation of burial human remains in Russia will normally require a lawful permission. If you contact the FUNERAL COMPANY InterSpetsServis to handle the process of exhumation, we will help you to obtain all the nesessary documents for the exhumation and transportation of the remains to the place of destination.

In case relatives provide the written permission to the FUNERAL COMPANY InterSpetsServis, it is not obligatory that they come to personally agree to the re-opening of the grave. We guarantee that all human remains are placed in the new coffin or casket and that the safety and privacy regulations are observed during the process of exhumation.

After the exhumation, the coffin can be buried on another cemetery or transported to another city or country by plane, by train or by bus.

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